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IMPALA is a network of stores distribution created in 2017 to provide African farmers with vegetable seeds from several well-known brands. With its four brands, we offer you a complete range of OP and hybrid varieties for the success of your crops.
Find our seeds in the different countries where we are present: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal. More details on our website:

Impala Network

The impala network, vegetable seed distribution stores for the tropical zone in West and Central Africa

Douala Store

Bonabéri district, place called sodiko ,
old CBC Bank Building
Email: contact@impala-cameroun.com
    Tél: +237690604278

Yaoundé Store

madagascar district, place called pharmacie moliva
Email: yaounde@impala-cameroun.com
Tél: +237691231203

Bamenda Store

Bamenda : ghana street
                  vilen pharmacy
      Email: bamenda@impala-cameroun.com
          Tél: +237695580736

Bafoussam Store

njeleng district 4, boulevard du renouveau,
place called feu rouge
Email: bafoussam@impala-cameroun.com
    Tél: +237690906234

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